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Forging is an age old method of shaping metal into something new. At B.B. Price, forging has been at the heart of the business from decades, starting out in simple nail forging. Today, B.B. Price are UK forging specialists, based in the heart of The Black Country, delivering forged components into a wide range of industrial sectors across the UK.

From upset forging to hand forging or drop forging, we have a number of expert forging processes that can help you get the finished product that your need.

Speak to UK forging specialists today to start your project and be assured in the quality of every product manufactured by our team.

What Is A UK Forging Specialist?

A UK forging specialist is a company that excels in the forging metals into high strength components or products as required. The art of forging requires the shaping of molten metal using compressive forces to result in a component that has superior mechanical properties and structural integrity. To find out more on the methods of forging, or what forging includes, why not explore further with B.B. Price.

At UK forging specialists, we aim to ensure that every project is delivered with the highest industry standards having been met, precision and innovation.

If you are looking for a leading UK forging specialist, get in touch with B.B. Price today.

BB Price UK Forging Specialists

Why B.B. Price Are UK Forging Specialists

B.B. Price have a rich history in forging that spans decades. This wealth of knowledge and expertise brings an unmatched experience to the forging industry that allows our teams to tackle even the most complex of forging challenges with confidence, high skill and with precision.

Our team is fully trained in using the latest state-of-the-art technologies and machinery to ensure precision in every forged product and a consistency that is unmatched across forged components. Our advanced facilities include cutting-edge forging presses, CNC machinery and heat treatment equipment.

Our team of highly skilled craftsman and forging specialists are committed to delivering excellence. Their attention to detail ensures that every forged product meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

If you would like to work with our highly skilled UK forging specialists, don’t hesitate to get in touch with B.B. Price today.

Forging Processes Available with B.B. Price

At B.B. Price, we specialise in three methods of forging: Hand Forging, Drop Forging and Upset Forging.

Hand Forging is perfect for those projects that require a personal touch. Sometimes known as blacksmithing, this traditional technique helps to create bespoke components that have unique characteristics and exceptional quality.

Drop forging is a method of forging that utilises a hammer being dropped onto a heated piece of metal to reshape it. Often this is done using a die and can therefore be better known as open die forging or closed die forging. Often using in construction, rail or sea defence industries, this method is great for large, forged products or components.

Upset forging involves compressing the end of preheated bars to increase the thickness and strength of the finish piece. Often used for manufacturing bolts, fasteners and other components that require an enhanced level of durability, this is a vital method of forging gin numerous industries.

Each of these forging methods can be utilised across the multiple sectors that we supply into. Why not explore our range of sectors online today or contact our team to find out more about how we can help you.

Why B.B. Price for UK Forging Specialists?

B.B. Price has an excellent reputation for forging across the West Midlands and beyond. Quality is our top priority in every project; we adhere to strict quality control measures throughout all forging processes to ensure that every component meets and exceeds industry standards and customer expectations.

We understand that every client and every project is unique. We work closely with you in the beginning stages to ensure that the solution we come up with is compliant with your requirements and is delivered with full satisfaction. All forged products and components are forged utilising sustainable practices as we strive to ensure minimal waste, reduce energy consumption, and make an eco-friendly approach to an age-old tradition.

If you are looking for your latest forging project to begin, look no further than B.B. Price, your UK forging specialist. At B.B. Price, we deliver with high levels of customer satisfaction across the UK. Let us help bring your project to life with innovation, precision and reliability that lasts.

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