Boat Crossarms
Boat Crossarms

U Bolts

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What are U-Bolts used for?

A U bolt, as the name suggests, is a bolt in the shape of the letter U. Both ends of the bolt are threaded to allow a fixing plate to be added and subsequently tightened which is used to secure the pipe or cable within the 'U' shape.

U bolts are primarily used as a support for pipework or to attach a part to a fixed object e.g. a pole, wall or beam.

The threaded ends are usually used with a crosspiece which spans both of the threaded arms. Nuts are screwed further up the threaded arms to tighten the crosspiece into a position where the pipe is suitably secure.

Shackle (In Use)
Shackle (In Use)
BB Price U Bolts (CAD Drawing)
U Bolt (CAD Drawing)

Production Techniques Involved

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