Eye Bolts

Description: -   Eye Bolt

BS Number: -   

  • ESI439603 [D]
  • ESI439101 TYPE 2
  • ESI439603

Dimensions: -

Weight: -

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What are Eye Bolts used for?

An eye bolt is a bolt that is looped at one end. The shank is screwed into a solid structure e.g. a wooden pole, to secure the eye in position. The eye is typically used to thread ropes or cables through to give them direction.

The shank of the eye bolt may be fully or partially threaded so that eye either sits flush against the surface of the securing structure or is slightly separated.

Variants of eye bolts include:

  • Pigtail eye bolts
  • Palm eye bolts (straight sides)
  • Shackle eye bolts (curved sides)
  • Collared eye bolts
  • Dynamo eye bolts

Production Techniques Involved

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