Hand Forging

Hand forging is also known as blacksmithing and is the simplest form of forging. The metal which is to be forged is firstly heated to red heat in the fire of a forge. It is then beaten into the wanted shape on a metal anvil with hammers. Hammers and other tools are employed by the blacksmiths in various forgings operations and processes.

B.B. Price offers hand forging as part of one of their forging processes. Our engineer's skilled hand work ensures that we can provide hand forgings are all sizes, types and shapes. Hand forging may cover a variety of processes but includes bending a heated bar into any shape requested by manually forcing it around a generic pole or mould to re-shape the material.

Hand-forged process close up photo

Why use the hand forging process?

Hand forging is not just a process used to make products from the post. This is because many low volume bespoke products are cost-effectively made by hand forging, due to the low set up costs.

As well as that, hand forgings have other benefits including its superior grain flow and refining of the steels internal structure. This comes from bending and working whilst the metal is hot. This means that products which are hand forged are stronger, durable and longer lasting then fabricated or machined components.

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Hand forging equipment


The anvil is used to support workpieces during hammering.


Tongs are used to hold the job during the forgings operation.


Chisels are the tool used for cutting metal and necking prior to breaking.

Swage block

Usually, a swage block is generally used for bending, forming, heading, knocking up heads and squaring operations.


Swages fit into the square hole provided in the anvil.


Flatters are used to remove marks and to give it a smooth surface.


Fullers are used to form metal when it’s in a hot condition.

Set Hammers & Punches

Set hammers are used to shape the material and punches are used to apply force to a tool to create a hole.

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