Forging in The Black Country

What is Forging?

Are you in need of forging in The Black Country? B.B. Price are here to help you!

Forging is the name given to the process of heating metal in order to re-mould it into something new. It is a process that dates back generations, previously known as blacksmithing, and has developed to become a widely known industry today.

The art of blacksmithing, or forging, is a big part of history within The Black Country. B.B. Price are therefore in a prime location to be providing a well-needed industrial service.

Forging at B.B. Price in The Black Country

B.B. Price have forging in their blood. Having started in the forging industry in 1875 as nail makers, they have grown as a business and become an industry leader in steelworks, galvanising, and forging.

Based in the West Midlands, they are now able to offer their services across the Black Country, throughout the West Midlands and the UK! Offering a top-quality standard, B.B. Price offer a bespoke forging service to tailor the product to the customers’ requirements!

Types of Forging We Specialise In

Here at B.B. Price, we specialise in three types of forging:

  • Drop Forging
  • Hand Forging
  • Upset Forging

Drop forging is the process of heating metal and reshaping it in a shaped die with a heavy machine press.

Hand forging is the simplest form of forging and is often more widely known as blacksmithing. As stated in the name, it is the process of forging metal by hand by skilled and highly trained professionals.

Upset forging is when a heated metal bar is held in a grove and slowly pressured into die. This re-forms the metals shape as required.

Each form of forging done at B.B. Price is done by a highly trained professional who works to meet the highest standards that customers require.

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