Quality & Approvals

Having built relationships with customers for decades on the back of being a leader in quality, it is no surprise that quality is foremost when it comes to our production. Our quality systems have been accredited to national standards since 1993, just 6 years after the first standards were introduced in the UK. With detailed operation procedures in place to supplement our quality policy, quality is echoed throughout the entire production chain and at each level within the company.

Our business context defines that a risk based approach is used to ensure appropriate resources and skill levels are available to produce a quality product at a competitive price which can be delivered on time to meet the customer's needs. Management quality review meetings are held regularly to identify key areas as part of our continual improvement and to discuss key performance targets resulting from internal monitoring of our processes and past areas of improvement.

Our Group Quality Manager, Paul Floud, is always available to give technical advice.

Our Certificates

CfA - ISO 9001 - Certificate of Registration
CfA - ISO 14001 - Certificate of Registration
CfA - CE - Certificate of Conformity (EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011)
CfA - CE - Certificate of Conformity (EN 1090-2:2018)
Achilles - Audited UVDB - Certificate of Audit
Achilles - Qualified UVDB [Silver Plus] - Certificate of Membership
Achilles - Qualified Supply-Line [Silver-Plus] - Certificate of Membership
RISQS - Certificate of Verification