Overhead Power Lines

What We Do

We are the principal manufacturer of galvanized steel forgings, presswork and fabrications for the UK overhead line electricity and telegraphic industries, having supplied our extensive product range to the market for over 70 years. With both our UK and global customers, our exceptional service and product quality underpin our outstanding customer relations.

We appreciate that we don't live in a static world and we're happy to work with you on your bespoke projects. Alternatively, if you need a helping hand to engineer a product, please get in touch with one of our sales team who will use their expertise to suggest a product. What's more, if we don't feel best suited to meet your demands, we will tell you! As market-leaders, we believe our long-term relationship with our customers is far more important. We want you to have the best experience from dealing with us and therefore if we know somebody who may be better placed to help, we will put you in touch with them.

Short lead times

We pride ourselves at being able to produce and deliver at short-notice. A trait that sets us apart from competitors.

Market Leader

With over 70 years experience in supplying to the industry, we are the market leader for galvanised steel forgings, presswork and fabrications.


We have a proven track record for delivering quality products on time.

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