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The Introduction of Green Steel…

The Introduction of Green Steel…

Green Steel…the latest introduction into the iron and steel industry!

Currently in the UK, Greenhouse Gases produced by the steel and iron industries contributes towards 14% of industrial emissions! This is a huge amount of emissions into the atmosphere.

Green steel is a means of reducing these emissions and improving the carbon footprint in the industrial sectors.

How Green Steel Will Be Produced

Just what is green steel?

This new method of production is done without the use of fossil fuels. Steel is produced using hydrogen, not coal, therefore helping to reduce emissions in the production stages. As an additional benefit to this, the green steel will also have the lowest carbon footprint currently possible within this industry!

In the UK there is a target for becoming net zero in terms of emissions by 2050. Although this is something that needs mass contributions for various other industries as well, this 14% reduction will be a make a big difference alone.

In 2020, H2 Green Steel was founded as a company who focused on producing this type of steel. In collaboration with Boden in Sweden, they are now in a position to start production at their Swedish site in 2024. The site will have fully integrated production processes, end-to-end digitalisation, electricity from fossil free sources and hydrogen as fuel, not coal.

Who Is Already On Board?

With production almost ready to begin, H2 Green Steel are pleased to have announced their agreements that are already in place for 5-7 years. Companies such as BMW Group, Mercedez-Benz, Electrolux, Lindab and more have signed up to green steel in order to help move the industry forward in both production and manufacture.

With many big names already in agreement before production has started, it is a good insight into how the market and industry is looking to move forward, helping shift towards more sustainable production of materials and helping to work towards a greener environment overall.

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