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Implement Automated Drilling Machinery

Implement Automated Drilling Machinery

ollowing the recent announcement about the launch of our new laser cutting operations, we are pleased to reveal the next stage of the enhancements to our production techniques.

The second item to be commissioned in the last couple of months is our new automated drilling machine.

The machine consists of a drilling table and a drilling cabin. The cabin moves horizontally along a rail adjacent to the table. When the location of the next hole has been measured, the cabin uses its locking arm to secure the material firmly in place as the hole is drilled.

With capabilities to work on channels, beams, angles, square hollow section, rectangular hollow section, T bars and flat bars, the range of products that the machine can work on are vast.

By largely computerising the process, we expect to see many benefits. These include:

  • Greater accuracy - The dimensions of the material are measured by a laser on the drilling cabin. As it stores the exact positions within the computer and works to tolerances at less than 1 mm, the level of accuracy is unrivalled. In addition, due to the strength of the hydraulic clamp, vibrations during drilling are eliminated.
  • Quicker production - Tools are stored within the drilling cabin. This allows the machine to automatically swap the drill bit being used insteadAutomated Drilling Machine of an operator manually changing the tool. It also goes without saying that the production speed of automated machinery is far superior to that of manual labour.
  • Less wastage - Due to the accuracy of the machine, the potential for human error is nearly eliminated. In turn, this leads to less product being rejected and treated as scrap.
  • Less down time - Multiple products can be processed in a row. While drilling the second piece, the operator can turn the first piece for drilling on a different edge. Therefore, the down time of the machine is reduced.

The acquisition is further evidence of the company’s commitment to adding value to customers and the directors’ willingness to further invest in the future of the company.

To learn more about our range of machinery and processes or to see if we could enhance your production needs, please contact us on 01384 413341 or by completing our online enquiry form.