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What are Turnbuckles used for?

A turnbuckle is used to adjust the length or tension of any supporting material e.g. ropes or cables.

Turnbuckles are made of two eyebolts (one right-hand threaded and one left-hand threaded) which are screwed into each end of a metal frame. The cable tension is then adjusted by twisting the metal frame which results in both eye bolts being screwed in or out at the same time without the need to twist the eye bolt or the cable.

Turnbuckles have a variety of different uses and can range from a few grams to thousands of kilograms in weight depending on the required strength.

Common uses for turnbuckles include: providing the tension for ropes in a wrestling ring; tensioning a ship's rigging ropes; and to support high-rise buildings and bridges in the construction industry.

BB Price Turnbuckle
BB Price Turnbuckle (CAD Drawing)
Turnbuckle (CAD Drawing)

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