Hand Forging in The Black Country

The Black Country has long been the home of forging processes and is renowned for its history of steel and iron works in chain making and blacksmithing. B.B. Price are therefore able to fit right into Halesowen as forging specialists, ranging from drop forging to hand forging and more.

What is Hand Forging?

Hand forging is often more simply known as the art of blacksmithing. It is the simplest form of forging within the range of different processes now widely used. Blacksmiths were famous for their ability to reshape metal in unique ways to create something new.

The process of hand forging is a past skill that has been passed through generations. At B.B. Price, our team of hand forgers are highly skilled and trained to ensure they create the best product for the customer, meeting their individual needs.

Within this process, metal bars are taken and re-moulded into the desired shape through heating and beating the metal with forging hammers. Once the metal has the required shape, it is cooled and given a smooth finish.

The Benefits of Hand Forged Products

Hand Forged products have a few benefits:

  • It is often a cost-effective process with low set up costs
  • The bending and re-shaping of hot metal helps improve the internal structure and grain flow of the metal, giving it a much higher strength
  • Hand forged products are more durable and longer lasting.

Contact B.B. Price

B.B. Price are a hand forging specialist based in Cradley Heath. They are able to offer a bespoke hand forging process for those looking to create a unique piece.

They have been in the forging industry since 1875 and have a long history of forging and galvanising steel. Having expanded over the years, B.B. Price are an industry leader and produce the overhead line electricity and telecommunications industries with their steelwork needs throughout the UK. They are also able to offer a bespoke service to customers who are looking for something individual and special.

Contact B.B. Price today to find out more about of processes and how we can help you! If you would like to speak to one of our team, give us a call.