Forging Equipment at B.B. Price

Forging is a skill that has spanned throughout the years and is often known by its older name of ‘blacksmithing’. To forge steel from one form into another, there is a wide range of equipment needed, from small pieces of equipment to huge steel presses!

What types of forging equipment do B.B. Price use?

At B.B. Price we have three types of forging – Drop forging, Hand Forging, and Upset Forging. Each different method requires different forging equipment. Our skilled team are very familiar with all forging equipment and always works with caution and full safety checks.

Who do BB Price currently forge for?

From the very beginning, B.B Price have been forging steel for a variety of sectors. Today, they supply sectors including rail, power lines, civil engineering, construction, mining, and sea defence industries.

Currently, within the rail sector, B.B. Price can supply a whole host of products – cable support brackets, troughing support brackets, tunnel brackets, trackside walkways, and more!

B.B. Price are also the principal manufacturer of galvanised steel forgings, presswork, and fabrications for the UK overhead power lines and telegraphic industries.

Hand Forging Equipment

Hand forging is one of the simplest forms of forging today and is what people more commonly know as ‘blacksmithing’. For this method of forging, a wide range of forging equipment is required. An anvil is used to support the workpiece whilst hammers and punches are used to shape the material or create required holes in them.

Before the hot metal makes it to the anvil, tongs are used to hold the metal throughout the operation and during the heating stage, fullers are used to form metal when it is hot and swage blocks or swages are used to create the bending and forming heads whilst the metal stays hot.

Once a piece has been forged to the desired shape, they are made smooth with flatters to ensure marks are removed and then broken off the tongs to cool using a chisel.

Our skilled workmen use all these tools with precision and are highly trained and skilled to produce forging pieces that are to the customers satisfaction.

Drop Forging and Upset Forging

Alternative methods of forging that B.B. Price uses are drop forging and upset forging. These methods are not so equipment heavy in comparison to hand forging.

Drop forging uses dies to help with the movement of the hot metal during the foreign process.

Upset forging uses state-of-the-art CNC and spark erosion machines during forging, and forging presses in order to achieve the end results.

These types of forging equipment require training and are used by trained and skilled workmen at B.B. Price.

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