Mining Forging

In the intense environment of the British mining industry, durability and strength are vital for any mining tools and equipment. At B.B. Price, we are proud to supply high-quality forged products for all your mining forging needs! We create the toughest forged products for the toughest mining applications.

What is Mining Forging?

Mining forging is the process of designing, manufacturing, and supplying hard-wearing tools and equipment to be used within the mining industry.

This process begins with applying extreme heat to a piece of metal until it can be easily shaped by our skilled forging experts. This metal can either be shaped by hand, drop forged with a hammer, or upset forged where it is passed through an open/closed die to attain the desired shape.

Forging Mining Products

The process of forging products for the mining industry is an extremely precise process. Due to this, it can be used to create a variety of parts, tools, and equipment that are both incredibly accurate and incredibly hard-wearing.

These products can include, but are not limited to:

  • Vehicle Parts: Mining forging can be utilized to create a variety of mining vehicle parts that need to be able to withstand high amounts of stress and off-road use. These products include the axles, wheels, and frame of the vehicle. These parts can be utilized within all sorts of power-heavy machinery, like excavators, bulldozers, and haul trucks.
  • Shovel and Scoop Parts: Shovels are, understandably, an incredibly important aspect of mining and will undergo a lot of wear and tear in their lifetime. Mining forging can create strong and reliable shovel parts, such as the bucket, arm, and frame to cover all your mining shovel needs.
  • Drill Bits: From drill bits to rods and chucks, we can supply all the sustainable and dependable forged drill products.
  • Various other tools: Including picks, hammers, bolts, fasteners, chisels, wedges, blades, and teeth. To name a handful of the mining forging products that we can create for you.
Mining Forging Machinery

The Benefits of Mining Forging

Mining forging is a vital aspect of the mining industry as it produces a wide variety of parts that are essential to the everyday processes and operation of mining equipment. Due to the precise nature of this style of forging, forged mining products are high-quality and can withstand vast extents of wear and tear.

Specific examples of the benefits of mining forging include:

  • Strength and Durability: The forging process will compact the metals used, making them far stronger and more durable than regular metal products.
  • Due to this, mining forged products are often far more cost-effective than regular metal products. As they are stronger and more durable, they will not need to be replaced very often and require far less maintenance to keep them at their optimum performance.
  • Versatile: Mining forging is an extremely open process, as such, it can be used across a wide variety of applications and products.
  • Precision: The parts and products created in the forging process are highly accurate and will fit together perfectly. They are, therefore, incredibly reliable products.

If you require dependable, hard-wearing, high-quality tools and equipment for your mining project, then look no further than B.B. Price for all your needs!

Mining Forging Specialists at B. B. Price

At B.B. Price, we are proud to create the toughest forged products for the toughest mining applications. We understand that these tools and equipment will often be subjected to harsh operating conditions. In their lifetime they will undergo extreme levels of wear and tear within the mining industry. Consequently, our team of dedicated and highly experienced designers and forgers can help to create the strong and reliable equipment that you need to withstand the daily endeavours of the mining industry.

Our confidence is based on our traditional methods and lengthy experience of over 140 years in the forging industry. We are experts in the successful design, creation, and application of mining forging products that will keep you digging!

Forging with B. B. Price

If you are interested in our forging processes or would like to find out how we can help you, get in touch with our team today. You can give us a call today and a member of our team can assist you, or you can complete our online contact form.