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Civil Engineering Industries

When you look around public areas, there’s civil engineering work everywhere. From bridges to coastal, transportation and buildings. B.B. Price supplies stainless steel and provides forging for many industries. With our products, civil engineers can build infrastructures that we all rely upon.

Our forging is used to create the load-bearing components for bridges such as their beams, girders and trusses. Only with our forging can we provide such strength and durability. As well as structural elements for bridges, our forging is appropriate for building columns and beams in construction, that resist climatic forces like earthquakes and stormy weather.  The engineers take care of the design, but we provide quality steel forging.

The Benefits of Using Forging for Civil Engineering

  • Strength: forging provides much stronger components than methods of casting and machining. This is because the forging process aligns with the metal’s grain in the direction of stress, making it more resistant to breaking.
  • Durable: the durability of forged elements makes the metal homogeneous, reducing the risk of cracking and fatigue.
  • Precision: many civil engineering requirements are for components with very tight tolerances. For example, if a small error in size is made for a part of a bridge, it could have serious consequences.
  • Weight efficiency: forged metal can be lighter than products made by other methods, reducing the overall weight of a structure. This is also money-saving as improved performance means reducing construction costs in the long run.

By using forging, infrastructures can be made strong, durable, precise and lightweight for civil engineering projects.

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B.B. Price, Your Forging Specialists

B.B. Price has a long history in forging and steelworks, dating back to the 19th Century. We are a West Midlands-based company that supplies steelwork across the UK, serving a variety of markets.

Our forging abilities are diverse, and we can supply many industries with forging and metalwork services. We can cover rail works, aerospace and military needs, power generation forging and more civil engineering needs. See our sectors here and our processes here.

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