Forging Sector Wide

Forging is a skill that dates back more to 4000BC, potentially even further back, with blacksmithing originating in the heart of the Black Country in the 16th Century!

B.B. Price have been in the forging industry since 1875, starting with humble beginnings and building a business that today provides extensive experience in a vast array of forging products and sectors.

As the business has grown and developed, our forged products have been used in a number of sectors including overhead line, transmission, rail, defence, mining, and construction. Because of our extensive knowledge and expertise in forging, we have a UK wide and global network of customers in a number of sectors.

Rail & Power Lines

B.B. Price have been supplying the rail networks and power lines with forged products for over 70 years.

Within the rail sector, we have over 100 years of experience in providing the necessary galvanized steel and press works for construction both overground and underground. Our core offerings include tunnel brackets, cable support brackets, trackside walkways, platforms and more.

Alongside this, we also have over 70 years of experience in providing vital forged products to the overhead electricity lines and telegraphic industries. With UK and global customers within this industry, our products are highly sort after, including our insulator pins, U and D bolts, turnbuckles, crossarms and more.

For more information on these sectors, see our Rail and Power Lines brochures online.

Civil Engineering & Construction

Not only do we supply the above sectors, but here at B.B. Price we supply the civil engineering and construction sectors with key construction and building frameworks and structural forged products.

Agriculture & Mining

We also supply the necessary products to help in the agricultural and mining sectors. We can help provide the steelworks used in designing machinery, allowing these sectors to stay active and working.

Other Sectors

Other sectors that B.B. Price supply include defence and sea defence sectors, providing the necessary steelworks to suit requirements.

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