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Have you been searching for steel forging near me? B.B. Price is where expert craftsmanship meets the strength of precision forging. Situated within the heart of The Black Country, we redefine the art of steel forging, offering an unmatched quality and reliability for your diverse projects.

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Forged Steel on Anvil

What is Steel Forging?

Steel forging is an age old process that transforms steel from raw steel into a strong, more resilient component through the application of heat and pressure. The outcome results in a more durable component with unparalleled strength.

When the steel has been chosen for your particular project, our skilled forging experts apply heat to the steel with precision; the steel become malleable from this application and can then be shaped and moulded with hammers or dies by a forging specialist.

This method of forging is a controlled application of force that shapes the steel into the dimensions required for each individual project. This process also gives the steel structural integrity, making it increasingly resilient and durable in the long run.

At B.B. Price, we believe that precision is not a preference, it is a requirement for every project that we undertake.

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Applications for Steel Forging

Steel forged components can be used in a number of applications and industries, including:


Steel forging plays a pivotal role in the automotive sector, providing a range of products from crankshafts to connecting rods. The reliability and strength of forged steel components contribute to the performance and safety of vehicles.


Precision and durability are paramount in this industry. Steel forging has a hand in the landing gear parts and structural elements of an aircraft that ultimately ensure reliability and safety.

Oil & Gas Equipment

This industry often has to withstand extreme environments and conditions. Forged steel valves, flanges or other critical parts provide a corrosion resistant and strong metal component that withstands wear for long periods of time.

Industrial Machinery

Steel forging is integral to the production of heavy-duty industrial machinery components such as gears, shafts, and fasteners. They ensure a seamless operation of industrial processes.

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Why Choose Steel Forging Near Me

Steel forging is not uncommon within the forging industry, but finding the right forging experts can be tough.

At B.B. Price, we offer local excellence, an understanding of your needs and requirements, and the highest quality product form our vast forging facilities. Our team of skilled forging experts are able to apply themselves to any and every forging project, whether that requires hand forging, drop forging, or upset forging in order to complete it with precision and quality.

Once forged, every product undergoes a rigorous testing process to ensure it offers the high quality, reliability and strength expected from forged steel applications.

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