Types of Forging

B.B. Price Limited was founded in 1875 by Joseph Price (great-grandfather of our current directors). Joseph started in the nail trade, operating in an outhouse at the family home. The business soon diversified into forging specialised galvanized steelwork for overhead lines and many telecommunications industries, to this day this type of work still represents the main bulk of B.B. Price’s production.

There are many types of forging, we carry out many different types here at B.B. Price, the main three types are :

Drop Forging

Drop forging is a manufacturing process where a hammer is lifted and then dropped onto a heated piece of metal, this allows the metal to be reshaped into the shape of the die/tool.

When the metal is preheated it will soften the metal's structure, allowing it to be deformed into the desired shape in a controlled manner. The metal then starts to solidify as the metal cools, this results in a stronger metal.

The two types of drop forging are open die and closed die. Open-die does not cover the heated metal completely, but closed-die fully covers the item.

Here at B.B. Price, we offer our drop forging facilities to many industries including sea defencerail and construction industries. This process creates durable and strong parts which are an absolute necessity in manufacturing and production.

Hand Forging

Hand forging is the simplest form of forging. The metal will be heated in the fire to red heat, using an anvil and hammers it will then be beaten into the desired shape. Hand forging is an exceptionally versatile technique that allows our engineers to produce components of all sizes, types, and shapes. The hands-on approach ensures that each piece is not only unique but also tailored to the specific requirements of your project. Whether it's a robust structural element or an intricately designed ornamental piece, hand forging at B.B. Price embodies the marriage of tradition and innovation.

Upset Forging

Upset forging, often referred to as "heading," stands as a cornerstone in the world of forging methodologies. Recognised for its prevalence and effectiveness, this method is a go-to choice for shaping metal components, particularly when strength and precision are paramount. At B.B. Price, we harness the power of upset forging to elevate the durability and structural integrity of our forged products.

This method is aptly named, as it focuses on manipulating the end of the bar to achieve desired shapes and dimensions. When undertaking upset forging at B.B. Price, a pre-heated bar finds its place within specialised grooves, securely held in position. As pressure is applied, the end of the bar is compressed into a die, resulting in a precisely shaped component.

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