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If you’re searching “forging near me”, well, look no further because B.B Price is a well-established business with an extensive history in the forging industry that goes unmatched. Established and founded in 1875 by Joseph Price.

BB Price has over 50 years of experience in forging making us a cut above the rest, as we have the historical factor. We offer a range of processes, from forging to laser cutting.

We also offer the complete forging process which involves re-shaping material into a pre-determined design. Hot forging is very advantageous as it produces a stronger piece of steel compared to alternative measures such as casting. It's one of the world's oldest metalwork processes dating back over 6000 years to produce hand tools and weapons. There are many different types of “forging near me” procedures that B.B Price offer including drop forging, hand forging, and upset forging. Hand forging is performed by skilled workers who produce cost-effective products by hand.

History of the company

BB Price offers “forging near me” services. Founded in 1875 by Joseph Price. The company has grown from strength to strength, only growing. We were even tasked with the production of barbed wire entanglement and tent pegs to supply for World War 2. One of the sons of the business was even taken as a prisoner of war and forced to lay down on track spikes supplied by B.B Price, his own family’s business!

workers at the old BB price

workers at the old BB price








Types of Forging near me

Here at B.B Price, our Rumbow Works site boasts a drop forging capacity of up to 1000 tonnes using a screw press. We do all different types of forging including:

Drop Forging

Drop forging is a manufacturing process where hammers are lifted and dropped onto a heated piece of metal to reshape it into the shape of the die or tool.

Pre-heating the metal softens the metal’s structure. This means it can be reformed giving the ability to control it and form into the desired shape. As the material cools, it once again solidifies, resulting in increased strength of the metal. There are two types of drop forging: Open-die drop forging and closed-die drop forging. Closed-die drop forging, fully covers the item being forged whereas open-die drop forging does not.

Hand Forging

If you’re looking for Hand “Forging near me” B.B Price is the company you need. Hand forging is also known as blacksmithing and is the most simples form of forging. The metal is heated first to red heat in the fire of a forge. It is then beaten into the desired shape on a metal anvil with hammers. This is done by hand by a member of our highly skilled team. Our engineer's skilled handwork ensures that we can provide hand forgings are all sizes, types, and shapes.

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Today B.B Price has 4 different sites based in the West Midlands, that all work hard to ensure our customers have the best possible experience. We are based in Halesowen, and Cradley Heath and complete forging services all over the country. Call us on 01384 413342

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