Forging in Cradley Heath

Our forging company history

BB Price Limited was founded in 1875 by Joseph Price ( Joseph was the great grandfather of the current directors of BB Price) The company originally started in the nail-making trade, with just a simple forge in the outhouse of the family home.

It was during the 1940s that the business evolved into forging specialised galvanised steelwork, this was for the overhead line electricity, and telecommunications industries, even to this day this is the majority of what BB Price produces now.

We have two units in Cradley Heath, one being our head office, with our other units in Halesowen, which is not too far from Cradley Heath.

If you are looking for forging in Cradley Heath, then look no further than BB Price, we are the experts in forging.

Types of Forging

There are many types of forging, we specialise in the following:

Drop Forging: This is achieved by the heated material being forced down by a highly forceful press, which in turn causes the heated material to disperse and fit the shape of the die. In the process of cooling, the material will regain its rigidity, providing increased strength to the re-formed shape.

Hand Forging: As the name states forging is done by hand as a result of hand forging, a heated bar is bent into shape by forcing it around a mould or pole to reshape the material.

Upset Forging: A preheated bar will be placed into a grove to hold it in place, and then in order to shape the bar into the shape of the mould, the end of the bar is then pressured into a die.

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If you are looking for forging in Cradley Heath, why not contact us. At BB price we aim to provide a high standard of customer service, all of our team are knowledgeable and professional and are on hand to answer any forging questions you may have.

Call us on 01384 413341 or fill in our contact form below and we will get back to you.

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