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Forging is an art that was founded in The Black Country, more commonly known as Blacksmithing. It is a delicate form of artistry that is created using skilled hands, tools and processes.

At B.B. Price, we have a rich history in forging and have a team of expert forging specialists today that can help ensure that your requirements are met on every project. Whether you require hand forging, upset forging or drop forging, we can help you!

What Makes Us A Forging Specialist?

A forging specialist is someone who is highly skilled in the craft of forging metal into the desired shape. Forging itself is the manipulation of metal through various processes that include heating metals before moulding and shaping them into the desired shape for use.

Forging specialists are experts in the various forging techniques used today: hand forging, upset forging, and drop forging. They have a deep understanding of the processes that take place during forging and how to successfully control these processes through to the end result.

At B.B. Price, our experts specialise in forging for manufacturing purposes in the main, helping to facilitate rail lines, overhead power lines, defence on land and sea, mining, construction, agriculture and more. Not only are these products made to be aesthetically pleasing, but also to be structurally sound at all times, and durable, ensuring that they are capable of withstanding immense pressure and weathers in their application.

B.B. Price's Rich History As forging Specialists

B.B. Price was founded in 1875, specialising in the forging of nails from a family outhouse. During the 1940’s the business grew and expanded its expertise into forging specialised galvanized steelwork for overhead power lines and telecommunications.

This work still takes place today, but the business has also seen extensive growth over the decades. Processes that now take place include galvanizing, threading, pressing, steel fabrications, laser cutting and, of course, forging.

Our Expert Forging Services

Forging is such an extensive area of expertise, covering a variety of processes that fall under three specific types of forging:

  • Hand Forging: This method of forging is also known as blacksmithing and is one of the simplest forms of forging. Hand forging requires metal to be heated in the heart of the forge before being beaten into the required shape by hand with hammers and anvils.
  • Upset Forging: This is the most common form of forging today. The use of a specialised forging press helps ensure that pre-heated metal bars are ready for pressing and put through a die.
  • Drop Forging: This form of forging is a manufacturing process whereby a hammer is dropped onto a pre-heated piece of metal, reshaping it into the shape of the die or tool being used.
    • Open Die Drop Forging: This process includes a hammer being dropped onto a metal bar placed on an anvil.
    • Closed Die Drop Forging: This process requires the heated metal to be positioned in a die that is attached to an anvil, ready for the hammer to press this into the die for reshaping.

Forge Ahead with Success: Contact B.B. Price

Whether you are looking for hand forging of a small bespoke piece, or mass production of a standardised product, B.B. Price’s forging specialists can help you. Find the right forges near me today with B.B. Price.

If you are looking for a specific product, contact our team today to see how we can help you. Our team of experts are available to help guide you to the right product for the right application.


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