Forged Products in The Black Country

The Black Country is the home to the art of blacksmithing. This has now become commonly known as forging and is a booming industry in The Black Country. Forged Products from The Black Country are renowned for their quality and precision, something B.B. Price adhere to and take pride in.

B.B. Price have been in the forging industry for nearly 150 years and have a wealth of experience and heritage to be proud of. This heritage allows us to hone the art of blacksmithing and take the forging industry by storm with a vast range of forging processes being used to produce quality products.

Forged Products Available from B.B. Price

All of our products are forged by our exceptional team with the best quality materials in the industry. Our product range is inclusive of U bolts, shackles, crossarms, insulator pins, Eye bolts, eye nuts and more…

You can view our product range here

Who We Supply

We supply a number of sectors with a wide array of our products, providing quality assurance and safety within these environments.

Within the rail sector, we provide galvanised steel forgings, presswork, and fabrications to both the underground and overground throughout the UK. The core offerings include a range of brackets and trackside products.

We also supply overhead power lines and telegraphic industries. We have a brochure available for you to download and find out more about this sector and how we have supplied an extensive product range into this sector for over 70 years!

Other sectors include:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Defence
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Sea Defence

For More Information...

To find out more about the history of B.B. Price and our expertise, take a look at our company history. We have all of our products and the sectors that we supply on our website.

Our processes are the finest within the industry; you can find out more about each process on our website too.

If you have any queries, contact us today and one of our friendly team will be in touch with your soon.