Bespoke Metal Fabrication Birmingham

Metal fabrication is a pivotal process within the forging and manufacturing industry. The process of metal fabrication can help ensure that the final product created is bespoke and to your exact specification for application.

B.B. Price are bespoke metal fabrication experts in Birmingham, helping clients fulfil their product requirements with full satisfaction in a prompt manner.

What is Metal Fabrication Birmingham?

Metal fabrication is the process of taking raw materials and making them into a fully prepared and designed product for use.

The fabrications process is a step by step, staged process that requires many different skills and methods. Without one step, the others cannot be completed making them all an integral part of the metal fabrications process.

The process includes:

  • Cutting: Sheets or bars of metal are cut into the correct length to facilitate your bespoke product. This is often done via laser cutting, saw cutting or using our multi-process machinery.
  • Bending: This is sometimes known as folding; this is the step where the bar or sheet metal is folded and bent into the required shape for the product. It can include the use of a die, forcing the metal to take the shape through pressing and punching the raw material.
  • Welding: This is when two pieces of metal are fused into one, ready for the product assembly. Typically, molten metal is also applied along the joint line to give additional strength to the metal.
  • Grinding: This process gives a high-quality finish to the product, enhancing the accuracy of the shape and removing any abrasives or small pieces that may still be present, creating a smooth finish.
  • Assembling: This is the final aspect where all pieces are assembled to create the final bespoke product.

When the assembly has been completed, your product is ready for use in the valid application.

Creating a Bepoke Product with B.B. Price

Products that can be fabricated include fences, hand railings, panels and frames. It also applies to many components that form part of engines, machines, tools and building systems as well as household appliances.

At B.B. Price, our design teams take the time to understand your specific requirements and what you are looking to apply the finished product to. From this point onwards, they will design a bespoke metal fabrication piece that suits your needs, giving an indication of how long this process with take. Our aim is to meet your deadlines as far as possible, ensuring that you meet your deadlines too.

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