What is Steel Fabrication?

Steel fabrication is the process of taking a raw metal and turning it into a new piece/item. It could be a gift to be given to a friend, an item to go in your home, an item to be used in construction or even a frame for articulated lorries.

B.B. Price's Steel Fabrication Process

The process of steel fabrication can be broken down into six stages:

Design – one of team will sit with you and design the piece you are looking for, to your requirements. We will help guide you through what works and highlight the desired outcome with a prepared drawing. The required metal and production processes will also be gone through with you at this stage.

Cutting – when we receive metal in its original state, it often comes in sheets or bars that have to be cut to your required size. This process is performed using high-tech machinery, a saw and laser cutting.

Bending/ Folding – once the sheet or bar has been cut to the required size, the bending or folding stage begins. A die is prepared with your required shape and using a punch/press method, the metal is bent and folded into the die to form its new shape. As steel possess a natural strength, the bending devices required must have considerable pressure for their pressing powers.

Welding – this is the stage of the process when your shapes are welded together. A high level of heat is used to heat the metal. Once it begins to cool, the pieces are fused together and a filler is added to the join, forming a molten edge, giving strength to the item.

Grinding – this is another process commonly associated with fabrication. It is the stage when items are given their high-quality finish. An abrasive wheel is used to shear off small pieces from the surface, giving it a smooth look and feel.

Final Aspects – This final stage of building your product is to assemble it. This may be through using bolts or washers for example.

Our Fabricators

Here at B. B. Price, we have a team of welders and fabricators who are fully trained and coded to the CE marking of EN1090 execution class 2.

We have our fabrication bay houses that have 6 separate welding and fabrication stations capable of working up to 12 metres.

Our team are able to create your piece from start to finish, using the fabrication process with skill and precision.

Contact Us

Our team of welders and fabricators are on hand to design your bespoke steel piece. Why not contact us today at B. B. Price and see what we can design and fabricate for you. Alternatively, you can give our team a call; our professional team will be happy to talk through your query with you.