Pressings at BB Price

Here at B.B. Price, we have 13 cold pressing machines and 18 hot pressing machines that have a capacity of up to 1000 tonnes. We meet a huge variety of pressing requirements each day! We also have an in-house tool room, this ensures we have greater control over the production process from start to finish, guaranteeing that each product is made to the highest quality every time. We can also offer bending capabilities ranging from 1mm to 50mm.

BB Price Pressings

What is pressing? 

Pressing is a process where a piece of metal (usually flat) is placed into the press and the tool or dies forms a new shape of the metal. There are varying processes for this, such as a single press of the machine. Every single press creates the finished product; alternatively, a slightly longer process is done in stages using multiple presses and different tools, depending on what pressing is required. Pressings can also be known as stamping. It is different from forging; pressings are completed with the impact of a powerful squeeze as opposed to a single bash.

The pressings operation 

During the pressings process, the use of dies and tools is important, this will create the shape of the metal required. At BB Price we have in house tool makers who are skilled workers, producing dies and tools to a specific design. This helps with our production time overall, as we don’t have to rely on a third party, and can avoid any delays that may occur.

Various pressings options 

There are many different pressings operations that are used, these may include:

Punching             This is a process where a tool is forced through a sheet or piece of metal to match the shape of the pressing tool.

Bending               This is when the material is bent alongside a straight line.

Ironing                 The material is squeezed to reduce the thickness and flatten it.

Blanking              A piece of metal will be cut out of a sheet and be used later in further processes

Hemming            This is when the material is folded over the edge, it adds thickness and gives greater rigidity.

Coining                This is when a design/pattern is pressed into the metal.

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