Pressing - A Forging Process

Pressing, alternatively known as stamping, is the process of re-forming sheet metal in a die or press. It is a process used on all shapes and sizes of metal to create the desired product for the client.

This process is done on cold metals as opposed to hot, meaning that the impact is more of a powerful squeeze. It is also a process that can be done in multiple stages, it does not need to be completed in one go.

Pressing Operations

There are a variety of pressing operations at B.B. Price, including:

  • Punching – forcing a tool through sheet metal, creating a hole
  • Bending – reshaping metal via bending along a straight edge
  • Blanking – cutting a piece out of sheet metal with the intention off using this elsewhere
  • Coining – pressing a design into the metal
  • Ironing – squeezing metal to flatten and reduce thickness
  • Hemming – folding edges on itself for additional thickness and greater rigidity

All of these processes are performed by highly trained and skilled professionals on the necessary equipment, using the correct tools.

Benefits of Pressing

Pressing has a few benefits:

  • Consistency – the operations within the pressings process are consistent, producing consistent results
  • High precision – the dies and tools used allow for high levels of precision and finish
  • Strong and durable – the process improved the strength of metal, making way for a more durable manufactured piece
  • Cost-Effective – this process reduces waste and increases efficiency in production, helping to give a cost saving method of forging.

Pressing at B. B. Price

B.B. Price have in house pressing facilities, giving complete control over the production process, and ensuring that every product is manufactured and finished to the highest quality.

For more information on our pressings process, get in touch with us today. Either give our team a call or contact us online. If there is something specific you are looking for, our team are available to help talk through your specifications and design your perfect piece.