More about Drop Forging

Drop forging is a process in manufacturing where a hammer is lifted and then dropped onto a piece of metal that is heated. This allows the metal to be reshaped into the shape of the die or tool. When the metal is preheated it softens the structure of the metal. This will then mean it can be deformed in a controlled manner into the shape that is desired.

There are two main types of drop forging - closed die and open die. As you can probably guess from the names closed die forging is when the item is fully covered whereas open die forging doesn’t.

Open die drop forging

Open die forging can also be known as “Smith forging”. The process involves a hammer striking the work piece that is positioned on an anvil that is stationary. Most dies are usually flat in shape, but some have a shaped surface to help shape the metal. The shape may be a concave or convex shape to give the metal a shaped, rounded finish.

Closed die drop forging  

Closed die drop forging can also be known as “impression die forging”. This manufacturing process is when a metal piece is positioned in a die that is attached to an anvil, under a hammer… the hammer die is usually shaped to ensure the part is forged at the top and the bottom.

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