Angle Line in Forging

Angle line is a method of forging that is now highly automated. It is the process of shaping metal into angle shapes and lines, then producing engraved, punched or cropped angle sections.

B.B. Price are in a unique position with this method of forging. The machinery used at our facilities is the UKs sole version of this specific machinery, providing the business with an increased production speed and a reduction in scrap waste.

Machine Precision & Accuracy

The process of angle line is a combination of continuous processes performed on angled pieces of metal. Using machinery, the precision of making holes, punching, drilling, or engraving angled metal is incredibly accurate. The machinery used has the capability of producing mass holes or engravings in one piece of metal quickly and with ease.

Alongside the swift actions of this machinery, it is able to perform multiple operations which further enhances the processes efficiency due to the reduction in manual handling between machines or processes.

Benefits of Angle Line Forging

Angle line forging has many benefits to consider including:

  • High levels of accuracy and precision – precise specifications can be met with absolute precision due to using machinery
  • Durability and strength – this method of forging produces a stronger metal high durability
  • Cost-effective process – as this method is heavily reliant u[on machinery, it is time saving, efficient at reducing scrap waste and increase production efficiency.

All machinery is used by highly trained personnel in house with products checked before distribution.

Angle Line Forging from B. B. Price

If you are looking for angle line forging, look no further than B.B. Price.

With the machinery on site that is the UKs sole version of this machine, we are proud to offer high precision angle line forging. Get in touch with us online today or give our team a call to find out more or discuss your options further.