What is Galvanizing?

Galvanizing is the process of protecting your steel with protective layers of molten zinc. This allows you to protect your metal from rust, oxidisation, and weathering. Although it is not a lifelong protection, it can add years to the life of your metal, however, this is heavily dependent upon the environment your metal is in. It also relies on having a clean piece of iron or steel. In order to prepare your metal beforehand, it may need to go through the process of shot blasting, something also available from B.B. Price.

What Are the Benefits of Galvanizing?

There are a number of benefits to the process of galvanizing including:

  • Lower cost than getting stainless steel
  • Far less maintenance required once galvanized
  • There is a lower long-term cost due to longer life expectancy
  • Coating performance and life are reliable
  • Galvanizing provides outstanding resistance to mechanical damage
  • It is the toughest form of metal protection
  • Gives a complete and reliable form of protection
  • Provides an ease of inspection.

All of these benefits highlight that galvanizing is a process that can add to your product and give better levels of protection overall.

Galvanizing at B.B. Price

Here at B.B. Price we offer the process of galvanising for your steel. Our highly trained team of experts are able to prepare your metal first through shot blasting, before protecting your piece for years to come.

The process of galvanization offered is known as ‘hot dip’ galvanizing. This means that the zinc coating is in molten form, contained in a bath at 450 degrees! Once your metal has been prepared and cleaned, it will be submerged into the molten zinc in order to get a complete coating or protection. Once removed, it will be quenched in water or air that has been cooled to allow the coating, and metal itself, to cool down.

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