Threading within Forging Processes

Threading is a manufacturing process within the forging industry that cuts threads into materials. This process is typically done on round bars or rods of all sizes. As the rod or bar is inserted into a machine, they are rotated and cut to give it the threads on the surface.

Typical applications for threading include screws and nuts that require a thread for use.

Primary Forms of Threading

There are two forms of threading – male and female threads.

Male threading is an external thread designed for longer objects, such as a screw, that a nut or bolt may be added to. This is usually a bar or a rod that is rotated whilst an indentation is made on the bar to create the thread.

A female thread is the opposite to male, it is an internal thread. An example of a female thread is a nut that you would screw to the end of a screw. This is a more manual process that requires a threaded item to be screwed through a non-threaded item, creating the thread inside of the material. This process is called tapping; alternatively, a process called thrilling can be used to add a female thread. This is done via machinery. A cutting tip is used to drill the hole and create the threading indentation at the same time.

Benefits of the Threading Process

Threading as a process has its own benefits, including:

  • High precision & consistency – this is a precise process, ensuring consistency and proper function of parts once threaded
  • Strength & durability – threaded connections are noticeably stronger and more durable that other connection types
  • Versatility – threading can be applied to materials and parts of all shapes and sizes.

All threading processes are done in house by a highly trained professional team. The threading process is supported at B.B. Price by the brushed galvanizing facility, allowing complete control of the process through to a fully galvanized product.

B. B. Price's In-House Facilities

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