What Do Laser Cutting Specialists Do?

Laser cutting is a highly-technical process where lasers are utilised to cut through a variety of materials. This process allows our specialists to provide a high-quality and vastly more precise cutting service for our projects.

Computer Numerical Control, or CNC, is utilised alongside laser optics to direct a laser beam across the material. This allows our laser cutting specialists to assert an incredibly precise level of control over the material. Thus, allowing the specialists to craft a design identical to the prescribed pattern supplied by the client.

As the laser beam is focused onto the material, it will either be melted, burned, vaporised, or blown away by jets of gas. This allows our specialists to work to a precision unattainable by traditional sawing methods. Additionally, it can provide a smoother, clean edge to the materials than alternative methods.

To allow for the best results when the cut is started from anywhere other than the edge, a pierce or hole must be created in the product. This is typically achieved when our laser cutting experts use a pulsed beam for a few seconds to make the first hole.

What is Unique About Laser Cutting?

In comparison to traditional methods of metal cutting, laser cutting has several distinct differences. These unique features include, but are not limited to:

  • Laser cutting is one of the most modern operations within the manufacturing sphere. An example of the first known cutting utilising lasers was performed in 1965. Although, this was vastly less powerful, accurate, or reliable than our modern equivalents are.
  • The thinnest part of the laser when it is focused is usually less than 0.3mm wide.
  • A laser beam cannot wear down due to sustained usage. You, therefore, will not experience any uneven or warped cutting due to any damage to a cutting edge.
  • Laser cutting specialists can craft unique and complicated designs due to the accuracy of the laser. This provides you with greater control, and extensive possibilities when creating your final product design.

What Other Benefits Do Laser Cutting Speciliasts Provide?

When you utilise one of our laser cutting specialists, you can drastically reduce your production costs. Due to the automated nature of the cutting process, you can save a lot of money on any labour costs in comparison to traditional shearing. Similarly, in comparison to plasma cutting, costs are much lower as the running expenses and capital costs are much lower. This is also due to the nature of the laser utilised. Plasma cutting machinery is far more powerful and energy-consuming, as opposed to laser cutting. Our laser cutting specialists also tend to work on thinner materials, as the more powerful plasma beam is more suitable for thicker metals.

Laser cutting also grants the user a reduced risk of contamination in the product. As this method utilises a laser, there is no cutting edge that will encounter the surface of the product. Cutting edges, such as on shears or saws, are often contaminated with any residue from previous projects. This can allow you peace of mind, knowing that your project cannot be affected by unforeseen materials.

Why Choose B.B. Price for Your Laser Cutting Needs?

At B.B. Price, we are proud to own the leading laser cutters currently on the market. These allow us to provide a quick turnaround time for the cutting and production of your items.

Additionally, our team have been a part of the forging industry for nearly 150 years! We are proud to possess a lengthy heritage of excellence. Our team of expert laser cutting specialists reflects this strong heritage. The products that we craft and forge in UK’s The Black Country have an unmistakable reputation for their quality and precision. This quality is something that we at B.B. Price adhere to pursue in every aspect of our daily work.

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