Forging Company

B.B. Price is a forging company based in the West Midlands, with units in both Halesowen and Cradley Heath.

The start of B.B. Price as a forging company 

Originally founded back in 1875 by Joseph Price (who was also the great grandfather of the directors that currently own B.B. Price). Joseph started off in the trade of nail making operating a single forge in the outhouse of his family’s home. It was during the 1940s that the business variegated into forging galvanised steelwork, mainly for the overhead line electricity and telecommunications industries, to this day this still constitutes the bulk of the company’s production.

B.B. Price is a forging company that specialises in many different types of forging, these include:

Drop forging

Drop forging is a process that consists of lifting a hammer and then dropping it onto a piece of metal that is heated and reshaped into the shape of the tool/die.

There are two types of drop forging, open die forging and closed die forging. As the name suggests open die forging is fully open and closed die forging is when the item being forged is fully covered.

Hand Forging               

Hand forging is the simplest form of forging, also known as blacksmithing, again the metal is heated, and it is beaten into the shape required using a hammer and an anvil.

Upset Forging             

Upset forging is today's most common form of forging, it can also be called heading. A pre-heated bar will be placed into grooves to hold the bar in position, pressure can then compress the end of the bar into a die.

B.B. Price is a forging company that values your time, therefore we always aim to provide exceptional customer service, one that we would want to receive ourselves.

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